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  1. RV Park Sewer Project
    RV Park Sewer Project
    Many people don't stop to consider the sewer main connection when considering the building site for their home or business. Is a tie-in in the street deep enough for you to have a basement? If not, are you willing to have a lift station? New DEQ requirements pertaining to septic systems have recently caused more sewer grinders and lift stations to be installed than ever before. Proper planning at the beginning may help avoid this.
Lake House Excavation
Proper excavation and compaction can avoid many common structural problems with your building. Over-excavation can lead to excessive foundation settling, cracking or failure. Improper backfill can lead to negative drainage and water problems years down the road.
  1. Rural Lodge Grease Trap Installation
    Rural Lodge Grease Trap Installation
    How do you avoid problems with your sewer in future years? By installing it right the first time. Poor installation is the number one cause of sewer line failure.

Commercial Site Work

AllTerra Construction performed all of the utility work and most of the site work on the Glenrock NAPA project.

Water in your basement or crawlspace?

Most drainage problems we encounter are due to negative surface drainage flowing back into the house foundation. Often we can fix the problem at the source instead of installing sumps and drain tile.​​​

Solutions.... not excuses.

AllTerra Construction specializes in utilizing unconventional solutions for difficult problems. If you have a difficult job that you've been told "can't be done," give us a call. We may surprise you.
  1. Mass Excavation
    Mass Excavation
    Sometimes no matter how much you plan, you are unable to limit the amount of excavation that needs to be done for your project. When this happens you need an experienced excavation contractor to limit cost overruns. Time is money. Often the faster the work can be performed the less expensive it is.
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